Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Robertson Marietta, South Carolina, USA

Posted: 2017-04-12

I have no examples of the sixth sense evidence in my life- at least none that I recognize.  This does not mean that I discount the possibility- more that I accept the lack of development. 

 I am certain that there is a “guardian angel” as I have reached the age at which the sixth sense may be most effective despite numerous sever lapses in good judgement.

I have over the past few years developed the habit of getting up early and working on improving my mental attitude through reading and meditation.   I have also worked hard at removing bad habits of allowing negative influences, such as TV, people and my own predisposition to the negative emotions developed over the years.

I have on many occasions been able to reach a mental state where I truly feel anything is possible through this practice.  I can hold on to that feeling as for brief periods early in my day.  I go to the farm and as I work alone(with just the animals for company) I have on many ocassions  experienced a flood of positive feelings and ideas to promote my business or any object of interest or necessity at the time.

Unfortunately, as the day wears on and I get physically tired and mentally abused by negative forces, people, and circumstance- the feelings fade. It is rare that I can work myself to much of a positive state of mind by the end of a long day.  I do rise and begin the process each day- a habit I now cherish!

It amazes me the difference in attitude I can experience.  From seemingly endless possibility to utter hopelessness.  A flood of ideas- to nothing will work.

Perhaps this is the beginning stages to the development of my sixth sense.

For now I have no "invisible council,” but I much appreciate the visible one I have here with the incredible leaders who contribute to this mastermind. 

Thank you!


Michael Robertson