Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Colleen Toye Mandeville, Louisiana, USA

Posted: 2017-04-12

After reading about the interesting group of "Invisable Counselors" that Napoleon Hill imaged, I decided to make my own.  Since I am a newbee to Mentoring for Free, I decided that my group would be made up of my  imaginary new team in my new business. These were people who needed mentoring as much as I do and they are all coachable and ready to learn how to lead. 

I have been imagining them before I go to sleep at night for the last 3 nights and they are becoming more real every night.  I have a red headed lady named Sandra, a blonde man named Jim, an Indian man by the name of Jamal and a black haired lady name Fay.  There are others also, but they haven't been completed yet.

Each evening before I sleep, I close my eyes and we get together to see what each other has accomplished and I relate to them what I have learned today and we give each other encouragement.  It's has been a great experience and my imagination has made it real. 

In due time, I will have my own real team, but in the mean time, I am  practicing on the one in my imagination. I believe this will help me be the learder that I have been trying to do, but never had the training before I found Mentoring For Free.

Thank you, Linda, Michael and Celeste for waiting for me.

Colleen Toye

Mandeville, LA