Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2017-04-10


The chapter on the sixth sense served as a reminder to listen when being communicated with, at times I have got a message and said I’ll write that down in a second as was in process of doing a job or similar and it was gone as quick as anything.

I am also reminded of the many times where have listened and it’s paid off, listening when was told that the next woman met was going to be my wife. That turned out to be Jenny, as well as being told about advertising headlines that can use to promote the book success in 10 steps. Sometimes we just get an impression to talk to a person and it turns out that they are the right fit for us in the puzzle we are putting together.

Recently listening to a Bob Proctor video they stated “What I was seeking was what was seeking me”. The sixth sense kicked in, there are many areas that I am seeking one of the biggest was fostercare and adoption raising a family on my own all of those areas are seeking someone who has the ability to raise a family at home. Helping families from home aswell as traveling the world and sharing lives journey with them. that dream of a large family has always saught me and that is what Jenny was happy with having a large family.

Our sixth sense guides us and draws us towards our dreams, just like it will guide us to make those right choices and what to say to a person. As well as guiding us who is the right person to get around and that right message to send to each person.

Napoleon Hill states in this chapter “One evening Edison arrived ahead of all the others. He walked

over and seated himself at my left, where Emerson was accustomed to sit, and said, “You are destined to witness the discovery of the secret of life. When the time comes, you will observe that life consists of great swarms of energy, or entities, each as intelligent as human beings think themselves to be. These units of life group together like hives of bees, and remain together until they disintegrate, through lack of harmony.

These units have differences of opinion, the same as human beings, and often fight among themselves. These meetings which you are conducting will be very helpful to you. They will bring to

your rescue some of the same units of life which served the members of your Cabinet, during their lives. These units are eternal. THEY NEVER DIE! Your own thoughts and DESIRES serve as the magnet which attracts units of life, from the great ocean of life out there. Only the friendly units are attracted—the ones which harmonize with the nature of your DESIRES.”


The other members of the Cabinet began to enter the room. Edison got up, and slowly walked around to his own seat. Edison was still living when this happened. It impressed me so greatly that

I went to see him, and told him about the experience. He smiled broadly, and said, “Your dream was more a reality than you may imagine it to have been.” He added no further explanation to his statement.”


A powerful statement from hill that our own thoughts can attract those harmonious vibrations to ourselves, the work together in a mastermind towards a desire until they disintegrate with lack of harmony. We need to keep a harmonious mind and believe in our goals. Our main goal for life is what we really want to achieve from our lives and our sixth sense will guide us towards this reality where we are able to make the most difference. It will guide us on our journey and towards those events where we need to act in a way.


Thank you to my amazing wonderful friends and mentors ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your ongoing love, guidance, support and encouragement for helping me to become that person who was meant to be. Thank You to my amazing supportive wife for Your own ongoing love support and encouragement for being the amazing wife and mother You are to our son who is due in May.

All my love,

Your friend for life,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia