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Posted: 2017-04-09


 Our Six Sense is the portion of our subconscious mind which has been referred as the Creative Imagination.

When I read this chapter about our six sence , its like a opening of a door for me. Sense I WAS A CHILD OF ELEVEN  I started to see see or feel things it 

was a warning that something was to happen sometimes good or bad. This had happen to me after I  lost one of  my senses as a child.

I beleive I have a Guardian Angel is in my life today because of all the life experiences I have been through and SHE'S with me all the time.

Sometimes when a friend or someone I been thinking about or they happen to flash in my mind  I will be walking in the mall and then they are in front of me

just like that weird.

To me as I get older my SIX SENSE its growing more stronger as tears go by. I AM in tune with my body mind and spirit and my SIX SENCE WITH MY CREATOR. 

I strongley beleive in PRAYER and MEDITATION in mornings when my place is quite and I am alone to meet my CREATOR. 

FOR today I pray for others and my loved ones to be free of any wrong doing and hurt and illness and all of GOD'S Children.

I know when people are trying to do wrong to me I feel it in my tummy it never lets me down its always right.I;VE enjoyed reading and writing about myself in this chapter.

THANKYOU   MARINA                THANKYOU    Micheal   and   LINDA