Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2017-04-07

Chapter 14 The Sixth Sense


The Thirteenth Step toward Riches

What is the Sixth Sense; it is a part of the subconscious mind which requires no external stimulation. It performs its actions involuntarily whilst communicating with infinite intelligence. It is an essential part of the creative imagination, performing as the receiving station of the Brain. It receives ideas and hunches from infinite intelligence, which if not immediately recorded in writing or as drawings are lost to the person receiving them. These unrecorded ideas and hunches may be transmitted to a more receptive creative imagination which uses them to obtain the riches desired.

Hill state, “The sixth sense defies description! It cannot be described to a person who has not mastered the other principles of this philosophy, because such a person has no knowledge, and no experience with which the sixth sense may be compared. Understanding of the sixth sense comes only by meditation through mind development from within. The sixth sense probably is the medium of contact between the finite mind of man and Infinite Intelligence, and for this reason, it is a mixture of both the mental and the spiritual. It is believed to be the point at which the mind of man contacts the Universal Mind”.

Another aspect of the Sixth Sense is its ability to pre-warn a person of impending danger and provide the means of avoiding such. Many of those on this call will have had one or more of these experiences. I for one experienced it in the avoiding a major crash due to a lapse in concentration and a sudden change in traffic conditions. The Sixth Sense not only took over the controlling of the vehicles steering but also the changing of the vehicles acceleration and braking. The whole event occurring over a time involving split seconds.

The Sixth Sense also makes us aware of opportunities ahead of time, maturity in the use of the Sixth Sense, which rarely occurs before 40 and in the majority of cases when the person is past 50, allows the person to take full advantage of such.

Hill talks about his “invisible counsellors”, initial nine in number, Emerson, Paine, Edison, Darwin, Lincoln, Burbank, Napoleon, Ford, and Carnegie. His purpose in counselling these persons was to endeavour to change and enhance his own character. He did this so effectively that for a time he stopped having nightly council meeting because they became a reality. It was not until Napoleon “appeared” beside his bed and admonished him that he would need all that had learned from the meeting to complete his life’s work that he once more held the councils and increased the members of the Council to more than fifty.
We can learn from this, for many of the Personal Development Philosophies teach us to surround ourselves with people who we wish to aspire to and remove those who are negative in their thoughts. In other words surround ourselves with positive thinking people who can provide the ways in which we can move forward quicker based on what they can teach us without having to make the mistakes they made in achieving their riches.
Here at Mentoring For Free we have such a group of people, lead by Linda and Michael Dlouhy, who are teaching us along with the other Senior Mentors, who give of their knowledge and wisdom freely so that we can have success and achieve our passionate desires without some of the failures and discouragement they encountered.
To this entire Group I say from the heart thank you with gratitude.
Mervyn Drury

Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.