Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Robertson Marietta, South Carolina, USA

Posted: 2017-04-06


Belief can be a hard thing to come by when things are held to the lens of "visible.”  Consider this; according to scientist, the vast wonders of our visible universe are only a fraction of the amount of matter they believe exist.  It is not as you might guess that we only observe a small portion because of limits of distance or size or in the case of black holes which are hard to see against the darkness of space, but most of the stuff they think exists is literally invisible.  They call it dark matter.  The only reason they think it exists is the fact that the numbers can only add up if it is present.  It theoretically   exists because of the effects we observe.


God is a biggie for me.  I cannot prove he exists.  I truly envy the folks with the “faith of a child.”  I have always relied on evidence- tangible proof.  I am to some degree acquiring tangibles which reinforce my belief, but as I get older my faith is growing without such needs.  I have decided it is not necessary that I have proof positive, that I can fully explain or define to believe.  If I could how big a God would he be anyway.  


I have decided that the effect is much more relevant that the reality.  I am a much happier, hopeful and helpful person when I hold on to my belief in God. Life is much better if I try to emulate the life of Jesus.  Compared to reality, if God is fantasy -I choose fantasy.  Why because I like the effect.  


The same could be said for the concepts put forth by Mr Hill.  Some I have no trouble accepting- others take a little faith.  It is some of the hardest concepts I have ever tried to apply.  When I do, even though they remain intangible, I like the results.   


There’s an old saying, “Whatever floats your boat!”  


Don’t take that as “To each his own,” but  is your boat floating. :)


If not why not give it a try even if you can’t see, touch, feel it or prove it.


Michael Robertson