Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2017-04-05

I have a sending and receiving unit right on top of my shoulders, how cool is that?

The receiving side is able to pull thoughts from the minds of others and from the ether.The sending side is capable of sending my thoughts out to the brains of others. How many times have you thought of some great idea but not acted on it? Maybe you were excited when the thought came to you and that’s all it took to step up the vibration and send it out into the universe. Then you see a story shortly afterward describing how someone else “stole your idea” or a better way of thinking was they acted on it, I didn’t.  My subconscious mind broadcasted it. It could have been a million dollar idea but once you came up with it, it’s out there in the ether for anyone who takes the ACTION to put it into play.


Any of the positive emotions can be used to step up the vibration rate to achieve the outcome we desire like Tuula Rands did when she put her self talk into music, stepping up the vibrations and to the minds of the prospects she intended to talk with. On the downside any of the negative emotions will step up the vibrations also but give us undesirable results. Have you ever started off the day with great thoughts and a positive attitude and then one bad thing happens and you dwell on it and then something else goes wrong? Then something else and then you catch yourself saying I can’t win for losing or some similar statement and at that point it’s basically over with. Your whole day is ruined. I now know that when that first bad thing happens I have to bombard myself with positive self talk immediately. Self talk, Self talk.Self talk. no such thing as too much of that obviously.


So thankful for Michael and Linda and for all they do for us. And so thankful for each and every one of my friends and mastermind partners.


Rick Burnett