Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Gayle Tomlinson Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2017-04-01

Gayle Tomlinson, Toronto Ontario, Canada

Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 13 - The Brain


Hill States:  Sometimes we speak lightly of the intangibles-the things we cannot perceive through any of our five senses-but we should never forget that we are all controlled by unseen and intangible forces.

Our brain is our mental broadcasting station.  A thought begins with a desire in the conscious mind of man and then it goes to the subconscious mind and on to the recieving station of the brain where the information is sent to Infinite Intelligence.

We live in an Intelligent Universe.  Man is at the centre of Intellignece and every time he thinks a thought he sets his mind in action.  When we learn to control the mind (brain) then we can control our environment.  Infinite Intelligence operates in and through us.  

No one has ever seen Infinite Intelligence, but we experience Infinite Intelligence moving through us.  We have never seen life, we experience life.  We cannot see the air, we can feel the hot or cold air.  We have never seen an emotion or a feeling.  We can only experience our emotions and feelings because we are surrounded by Infinite Intelligence that constantly moves through us.

When I speak my positive Self-talk all day long I feel great.  I am rewiring my brain and eliminating all the negative thoughts that I was fed from childhood and I am still surrounded with every day from outside forces.

Step-by-step if we keep feeding our conscious mind with positive thoughts that are sent to the subconscious mind and then to the receiving station (brain) all the information goes to Infinite Intelligence.  We will be able to create a life of magic.