Think & Grow Rich Lessons
dale soderquist edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Posted: 2017-03-29

Great lesson, The Subconcious mind is a very difficult obsticle to overcome.

The only way to master this is through our heavenly father who created us and keep and praying consistantly.

We also need to learn how to not attach our heart with anything in this would especially money and just love one another.

A big obsticle we all struggle with is pride, were people think they know everything about something. 

The problem with this is that there is always something new we can learn about everything reguardless of how much we understand.

By aquiring pride you make yourself look very foolish and end up making a lot of big mystakes uncontiously. 

Yes it does feel really good to take pride in something but in the end all it does is promote death and destruction.

For everyone who struggles with this, they need to get there mind off of themself and take a look at the bigger picture 

and try to see the situation from everyone elses point of view instead of just your own all of the time.

The more we do this and humble ourselves according to scripture, the more our lives will improve.

In the end what does a person REALLY gain from pride? Some day our creator is going to completly destroy everything anyways.

You can obtain all of the wealth in the world but if you don't have Love for all of the people around you or any appreciation for what you do have

reguardless of how much or how little you have then you really dont have anything at all.


On the other hand if we choose to show more love and compassion towards everyone around us then our father (i go by the name Yahuah)

then he will bless us for our good behavior in more ways then what we can imagine. Also as he blesses us he would appreciate it if we were 

to give him a simple thanks for everything good that has come into our lives. Asking for forgiveness is also important because he doesn't have to do anything for us.

We are all sinners in more ways then what we are aware of , It would please him more for us to ASK him for his forgiveness instead of just EXPECTING him to.

We are all no more then a blade of grass to him so he could wipe us out any time he wants to, Which is a good reason to try ad do what is right in his eyes

instead of just doing what we want to do all of the time. REMEMBER to ALWAYS put OTHERS first BEFORE ourselves.


Thanks for the great lesson