Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Vicki Willems Comox, B.C., Canada

Posted: 2017-03-29

The Subconscious Mind

After reading the chapter and going through the lessons posted by the wonderful contributors here, I have come to the (not surprising) conclusion that ONLY by feeding our subconsious mind the positive, encouraging, emotion packed thoughts to reach our goals can the Infinite Intelligence (sec God) bring these Desires, thoughts and Goals into reality.

By writing down my desires and goals, (my why) looking at them daily, Writing down and repeating as often as possible my positive self-talk, These are the beginning of retraining my subconsious mind to create what I want in my reality. Adding in emotion so that my subconsious mind will pay attention and echo these thoughts out into the Universe and the Infinite Intelligence receives them, is how I can acheive my goals and desires. Mr. Hill has given us a blueprint to use to create the life we desire. What we do with that blueprint is totally up to us. Are you going to look at it and say, "That's really interesting. I wonder if it will work?" or will you say, "That's really interesting. I'm going to make this work!" Your choice.



Vicki Willems

Comox, BC Canada