Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2017-03-29

Chapter 12, The Subconscious Mind.
Let me start off saying that I have had some MAJOR breakthroughs in the
last two weeks. It all started when I came home complaining about my job
and my wife lovingly told me that I should stop it. She said you study
mindset all the time, why don’t you practice it?

Well I was a little shocked but pondered what she said and realized that
she was right of course. So I determined to change the situation and my
attitude towards my job and the circumstances have changed dramatically.
All the things that I was upset with are still very much there but changing
my attitude made all the difference in the world.


I have been studying Think and Grow Rich for probably about 5 years
now and I THOUGHT in my mind that I had a positive mindset when I
really didn’t. Hill says that a single negative in your conscious mind Is
sufficient to destroy all chances of constructive aid from your
subconscious mind and as I closely examined myself I found that I had
three of the negatives. 

Here is how my eyes were really opened. I have been pretty upset about
some of the things that have happened during the last eight years politically
and culturally in our country.

I have had strong opinions for a lot longer than that. I heard Margi Starr
say on a Facebook training that she took out all political posts and I decided
that I would do the same so I could start working social media. As I started
the process I came up on one negative post after another, on and on and on
until I was already back to 2011.
I spent THE WHOLE weekend cleaning up that mess as I sat there
HORRIFIED at all the negativity that was staring me right in the face.
What a reality check. I felt like I had been cleansed when it was all over
and I needed a shower. My mind went back to Michael’s Right or Rich
There is a statement in the self confidence formula that goes like this.


I will eliminate ALL hatred, envy, selfishness, and cynicism by
developing love for all
humanity because I know that a negative
attitude toward others can never
bring me success.

I had repeated that daily but not practiced it obviously. I think that I had
fooled myself that I could keep thinking my old way but just doing
my business…..after all, I was A REALIST!!

How can you attract anyone with that kind of vibration? The answer is
plain and simple….you can’t. I realized immediately that THAT IS
years back that I made to my daughter telling her how much she needed
She never has embraced it yet and I know why now, because she never
saw the change in me. Discovering all of these things about myself has
not been very comfortable and it has not been a pretty thing but I will
tell you that it has been very liberating now that it's done. 

My Ah ha moments have come in a torrential flood in the last two
weeks and I now feel a total freedom and the change in my vibration
is very noticeable in my relationships with others.

I feel as if I have truly been transformed. I have shut out ALL news
and have determined to not tolerate ANY negativity because I know
that it is the KISS OF DEATH according to Hill’s statement in the
second paragraph.

Why did it take me SO LONG to realize this? Why did all of this happen
like an explosion in a two week period? I have no idea. All I can say
is the last 6 months since I found MFF has been life changing and I’m
forever grateful to Michael and Linda.

Thought truly are things and they better be good ones because the
subconscious takes every one of them into that big storage file.
Thanks for letting me get this in print and off my chest forever.

Rick Burnett