Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2017-03-29

The subconcious mind. That means to me listening to what is going around me and having the 7 positive emotions in my mind. That is faith, love, sex, desire, hope, romance and prosperity plus enthusiasm. And when taking massive action keeping them buy we as well. I have my goal written down on paper but I am following Hills instructions of Tell The World what you want but first show it, because if you talk to freely about your plans you will find out that someone has beaten you to your goal because you talked to freely about it.

I am having fun talking to ten people per day and doing whatever it takes to build a relationship with them through know, like and trust. I have enthusaism, energy and excitement. Last night during my companys conference call as soon as one of the top money earners in the company mentioned that we are having a BOGO promotion immediately I texted four of my cousins and called up a fifth one as well. In addition to that, this afternoon I notified 6 female friends of mine on FB whom I knew years ago about the BOGO. Two of my cousins got back and one of my female friends got back. The fact that they were not interested does not stop me from finding someone else. I just keep on keeping on!

Another thing that I learned that its NOT enough to be posting on Facebook even if you send it to your lists.  You have to build a relationship with your FB friends too and ask them to be your customer when the situation is APPROPRIATE. That is natural selling. Just posting is only marketing and when you are doing natural selling you are doing dialoge with them and connecting on a personal level like Michael writes in Success In Ten Steps. When someone asks you what you do for a living you respond. My team and I show frustrated school teachers how to create a Plan B. My team and I show people how to look better, live better and feel better.

Lawrence Bergfeld