Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Colleen Toye Mandeville, Louisiana, USA

Posted: 2017-03-28

In 1992, my daughter Kelly, age 13, was given the book by Zig Ziggler, See You at the Top!  Of course she was already 13 years old, so she didn't need any of advice from Zig or anyone else, but I did.

I took the book and read every page as if it were the bible.

Three years later I found out that Zig Ziggler was going to be in New Orleans and I was desparate to attend his event.  My husband had recently been laid off from his job and money was extremely tight, but we came up with the $39.  Yea!!!

Off I went with his book in hand, along with all of the 3,000 other attendees, to see the man who was instrumental in changing my life.

While standing in line to meet Zig and get him to sign my book, I overheard the man behind me talking about how he was working on a nurse call system at one of the local hospitals and my ears perked up  You see, that was the kind of work my husband did and we had just started our company over the past year and we were still struggling.

I listened for a few minutes to his conversation and then introduced myself and asked for his card.

Two weeks later my husband and I met him for lunch and we are still working with that company twenty two years later.

My thought is that you need to put yourself in the right spot to have the opportunity to have the right things happen!!!

P.S.  It took me a few weeks to tell my husband that I had charged $200 of other motivational cassettes from Tony Robins and Zig Ziggler.

Colleen Toye

Mandeville, LA USA