Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leslie Orm Olivehurst, CA, usa

Posted: 2017-03-25

Aww yes, the subconscious mind, what an insidious beast it can be, but it does NOT have to be that way.

So here is what I mean by this statement, the subconsious mind can work against you or for you, now on here we want it to work FOR us, that said, here are some things that can help tremendously.

Self talk, this is absolutely huge, by saying your self talk hundreds of time per day, it will help drown out any negativety attempting to enter the SUBCONSCIOUS mind, like Napolean Hill says in this chapter, it is called "auto suggestion" now the subconscious works day and night, what is gleaned from this chapter is this: Is one must have written clear goals they want to achieve, commit them to the subconscious, use self talk to do so.


In closing here, the power of auto suggestion or self talk has helped me tremendously, b keeping negative thoughts at bay..

To everyone here, keep posting all the fantastic lessons, thankyou michael & Linda for you do.

Leslie Orm