Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2017-03-22

Chapter 11 - The Mystery of Sex Transmutation (Emotional Energy

Years ago when my late husband, Peter was alive
when we went shopping at the mall we would often
sit on a bench and watch the people as they walked
by.  It was very entertaining to figure out 
their story just by seeing how they walked and how
they related to their surroundings.

We didn't give the people names but for my illustration
here, I will give them names.

Mary walked very slowly, looking at everything and
enjoying just being there amongst people.  She may 
as well have been walking in the park, enjoying the
scenery and watching the birds.

Sandy walked but he did not look at anyone.  His head
hung down and looked at the floor when he walked.  It 
was as if he was afraid someone would see him or talk
to him.  
John was on a mission.  He knew where
he was going and he did not bother with anyone or
anything around him.  He just directed his mind and 
energy on the task of getting to where he was going.

Then, we would see Bill coming, and there was something
about Bill.  He also walked with purpose like John but
he did not ignore anything around him.  He smiled at
everyone, shook hands with some and stopped to chat
with others.  Bill had energy, you could tell he loved
life and people.

We all transmute some kind of energy. Mary transmuted 
kindness and caring. Sandy transmuted that he did not 
think he was as good as anyone else.  John transmuted 
that he was all important and others did not matter.  
Then we have Bill.  Bill was the perfect example of 
sex transmutation. He had confidence without arrogance 
and made everyone around him feel important.

I look at these examples, and I have to ask myself,
which one am I.  Am I a Mary, Sandy, John or a Bill?

Whichever one we are, we are transmuting energy.
It can be negative evergy or it can be positive energy.
 And it is from the energy that we transmute
that people are going to decide if they want to get to know
us, be our friend or do business with us.  

Tuula Rands