Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sylvia Erlemann Witten, NRW, Germany

Posted: 2017-03-22


As usual I got to know that all Hill wrote seems to be a matter of gender, education, experience... or ... in a few words "typical male"

Wht about all our wellknown female authors, philosophers, composers, artists, clowns .....etc

Hiden? Asusual ... anonymous??

No! It's always a question of your own experience - it's the individual itself who choose his own way... no one else is able to... it shouls be. But life is otherwiese - too often.

Who is who on top? When? Where? Why?

As a matter of fact? Or a matter of fire and force? There are too many examples worldwide - concerning so-called "otherwise", most of them elder women, but also concerning traditions, whether written, spoken or told

How often the power of women is mentioned in his discours??

And why? The intention, the solution... the " "she" as a natural born savior, a lifesaver... the mother ?!

Which role to take?

Placeholder?? Or what?

What about animals? Who's the real leader in the pack? The she-wolf... asshe is the one saving ang giving life, tha Alpha can change...

Same as with other animals.. think about what happens to a worm what happensif you cut him in two pieces... or about asexual reproduction..

or behaviorism... stimulus - response..

Hill told about more than 2000 years of history, tradition..

But what was before??

What about matriarchal societies, systems - and their own traditions and rules?

And what about epigenetics, neuroplastic transmitters?


Another circulus vitiosus - now a positive one

"L'enfer, c'est les autres" selon Albert Camus

"L' Être et le Néant" selon Jean-Paul Satre

But what about Simone de Beauvoir, Alice Schwarzer...

And moreover Heide Göttner-Abendroth - one of our most famous authors cobncerning mariarchal societies

Ok.. I read these books as I was 12-13

But I was born as an unexpected child, supposed to be a boy as they got o know my mother was pregnant. That's life...

And being educated as a boy - from my father, grandfather and others who survived Worls War I and II - as their "son and heir" - résistance toujours. Widerstand!

The women expected me to be the little princess - I preferred playing otherwise, with the weapons my father gave me... or to spend the time with him educating or listening or feeding animals...

I was never easy.... always in the middle between love and hate... family... bloodlines... naja... but why me??

That's life - and I chose my own way: To run away to get out of the trouble... since I was 1 1/2 years old.

And started to educate myself everything on my own - always playing or experimentating life... got to know reading, writng and countingnon ma own...wherever, whenever, whatever, with whomever... I tested it out if it was better to play with animals, kids or adults... or to teach other children whatever...First they (my family)  were always surching me... then they gave up - hide and seek, a lovely game .... - my mother gave up, too and told me the time for me to be back home..

That's why I'm used to do whatever, manage whatever - help whomever if there is a need to

But as a matter of fact - I trust no one 100%

But i have a lot of friends, so-called ones and others, true ones - I only have to go out  - talk to whomever, sometimesit fits, sometimes not - if it's the right mment or not..... if not, I'm gone with the wind, better this way

Another story - or better stories - but nothing really bad happened to me since I was born.. Ok I survived a lot of intriges - some of our neighbours tested whtever out, too, life happens, maybe it was because they hated dogs and it was always me sharing stuff I found in the woods with my dog.. I was 6... who knows... but me

And I'm used to work alone, have nothing but ideas and a plan since I was born..

That's my plan... no need to talk about it

Have born four girls (13,15,17,20) - stayed too long at home working for free. Spent my free time in working beneficial - as a teacher (German as foreigna language) etc

Now I life in divorce - 2nd trial - lost everything as my so-called husband changed the key of our house 6 months ago

He did everything illegal - to change a key is nothing.. the rest is more as I lost everything - he kept everything

But as I'm used to do it my way  - a legal one - it will take a lot of months and years - as I've got the wrong passport here in Germany - a German one...

And because of me - as I am what I am

A survivor, a hyperactive high flyer (first Maths uncountable - being tested when I was 7) with a phographic memory, are able to see, to listen and to hear... to FEEL

Hill forgot to concentrate more on this theorem- intuition - what about (whether natural born or self-eductated) - as it's not (!!) a question of hormons being a father or a mother

Furthermore it was my own experience - as I always was both for my kids and all the other kids who came to my house

Now it's him 8her father)  to proove what he really is - until now he bought their love with money...

We'll see - I can't do nothing now

As I (a systemical therapeut...) am only one part of this system - a mother... and it's not me to solve their problems

I'm used to take life as it is

Know what I'm able to

"Und jedem Anfangg wohnt ein Zauber inne,

Der uns beschützt und der uns hilft zu leben


Des Leben's Ruf an uns wird niemals enden,

Wohlan denn Herz, nimm Abschied und

gesunde!"   ("Stufen" - Hermann Hesse)

"Faites que le rêve dévore votre vie áfin que la vie ne dévore votre rêve."

"Qu'est-ce que signifie "apprivoiser"?

C'est une chose trop oubliée, dit le renard.

Ca signifie "Créer des liens...."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


NETWORK and COMMUNICATION and MORE........... And now??? What to do next???? :) :)


Have a nice evening