Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Linda Ojutkangas Antigo, Wisconsin, United States

Posted: 2017-03-17

This lesson helped me to look at my life and specifically, relationships in a different way.  As a woman, to realize that we can have such a profound effect on our male counterparts is almost frightening.  However, I would hope that most women would not abuse that power.

I like the idea of channeling sex into desired outcomes.  I have to admit that I rarely take the time to be still.  My mind is always racing with thoughts and ideas.  Hmmm, can you tell what color I am?  This is definitely something I want to take the time to do.  Not only will it bring creativity, but I also believe it will reduce stress and tension.

Focus is something that I struggle with, so I am grateful to John Wiser for presenting this opportunity to me.  I am excited about what my future holds now and am not fearful of moving forward toward my goals.


Linda Ojutkangas

Antigo, Wisconsin