Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2017-03-13


The Ninth Step toward Riches

Power is essential for success in the accumulation of money. This chapter tells
us how to attain and apply POWER.

We need POWER or ORGANZIED effort sufficient to transmute our DESIRE into its
monetary equivalent. This effort requires two or more people in a spirit of


So how is POWER acquired?

    1. Infinite Intelligence:  This method begins after we have CRAFTED our PERFECT
       self-talk and repeated it daily enough times with emotion and gained the faith
       required for it to become automatic.
    2. Accumulated Experience:  From knowledge already know and organized and
       taught in public schools and colleges.
    3. Experiment and Research:  New facts are being gathered daily. Some of this
       may come by way of our creative imagination. This is how we get our "hunches
       or inspirations". They may come from our efforts or the efforts of others,
       namely members of our master mind groups. Again these master mind groups may
       consist of 2, 50 or 100 members.  This is where we are being taught "How To
       Think, Not WHAT to Think."

Participation on the weekly calls helps us to gain POWER sufficient to get us
half-way to our objective, if we have PERSISTENCE.

The Master Mind principle has two characteristics:

    1. Economic in nature: This refers to the makeup of the master mind group; the
       people, the advice given and cooperation of the members of the group. Members
       who are cooperative and form a PERFECT HARMONY.
    2. Psychic:  This is more abstract, more difficult to understand, because of
       the references to the spiritual. We are not so much acquainted with these
       characteristics. It is sufficient to say, we all come up through life with
       different experiences, so we have different mindsets. When combined with
       other mindsets, we create new mindsets, new ideas that help all the members.

When we participate in the Mentoring For Free weekly calls, we can get "hunches
or inspirations" that help us to create new ideas.

These new ideas are like a group of electric batteries that provide more energy
than a single battery. The brain functions in a similar manner. When a group of
brains get together in harmony, the increased energy is available to each brain
in the group. The results are, "hunches or inspirations".

It's now up to us to write down immediately those "hunches or inspirations".
They flee as quickly as they come and we can't remember them.

I grateful to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for their ability to follow Napoleon
Hill's Master Mind principle to create Mentoring For Free. Mentoring For Free is
a GUARANTEED way to success, if we are COACHABLE. Thank you, Linda and Michael
Dlouhy for your PERSISTENCE.

I am grateful for each member of our Master Mind groups who participate and
share their thoughts and experiences. Thanks to each of you for your

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM

PS: I am grateful to each person who has downloaded my ebook and chosen to
participate, to be COACHABLE and learn how to be successful. As Napoleon Hill
says, the two of us are also using His Master Mind principle when we
communicate. Thank you to each one of you.