Think & Grow Rich Lessons
dale soderquist edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Posted: 2017-03-08

Great lesson on persistance, It is deffinitely one of they many factors needed to become successful.

There is a phrase i was told long ago that still sticks to my mind for defining persistance.... Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail , etc ... Success

you will eventually reach Success not only with persistance but with a lot of patients because sometimes the biggest reason for failure is because of Lack Of Patients.

The very moment you decide to stop and "give up" is the moment you fail, and a lot of times people tend to give up right before they become successful and then they either turn against the idea completly and discourage others

or try again Later. The problem about leaving it until later is if you wait for to long then you will eventually lose the opportunityto become succesful which points back to why persistance is no important.

As long as you have the right positive, persistant, and patient mind set, you can achieve anything your heart desires the most in this world.


I Have been lifted up to understanding what life is like with both excess wealth at one point and very low in poverty, i have obserer what everyone keeps seeking after the most is money ....

   Since i have expierience both sides of this situation i now only have 1 strong desire in this word and it has nothing to do with money, instead i strongly desire the ability to be able to love people 

except not just those i choose but everyone i come acoss reguardless of what evil/bad behavior they do towards me. I desire this because this is the one and only thing in this world that leaves me feeling 

very satisfied with my life, the power of love is so strong that i want to be able to share my experience withothers so they can enjoy it with me. Being alone just leads a person downhill ,

but with persistance, patients, and a positive mind set i already know i will become successful before i even reach that point of my life.


Thanks for reading/listening