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Michael Dennis Charlotte, North Carolina, United States Of America

Posted: 2017-03-08

everyone here I want you to know I love you.
This will be short and sweet. I once told you of speaking to my mentor Tony about my fear of picking up a telephone to call a prospect. how I have been hurt and it's difficult for me and it's will not be overnight that I will recover.  I mean it took twenty years to get here.  he let me stew on that. I called him back and said, that's negative speaking  I had chained myself to that thought, speaking it with negative emotion. well, a couple of months later, which was the week before last. I discovered how Samuel Adams had been Loyal to himself.  And I realized I had not been Loyal to myself and faithful to my dreams, I thought of quitting because I thought it was too much work, I am not working for myself and last night I picked up a phone for the first time in years and spoke to a stranger, and he asked to join our group.  sent him success in ten steps, and he downloaded it! WOW! I am floating on air  I persisted and got over myself in this area and now I am not afraid that I will fail ME!  Can you imagine that? I cannot fail, I am possible. and I Am Loyal to myself!

If you've ever thought about quitting please don't, persist whatever yo need if you persist it will happen for you.

Thankful for "Mentoring For Free" and the couple that brought it to us
Lind and Michael Dlouhy. Ever grateful to all of you. thank you. and last but not least, my awesome mentor Tony Harnett who believed in me and gave me some tough love.

To Your Heart From Mine- Let Your Success Always be your fault|

With al my heart

Michael Dennis From Charlotte NC