Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Vicki Willems Comox, B.C., Canada

Posted: 2017-03-08

Chapter 9 - Persistence

The best examples of persistence to me is when we was training my dogs. EVERY DAY, we would set aside a time of 30 minutes (twice a day to start) to work on obedience with our dogs. By being persistent (and consistent!) we would be able to teach them all the rudimentary commands and get the desired results. After they had the basics, we went on to agility (they loved that!) My DH & I had dogs for 21 years. We didn't train them more than once a week after we had gotten to the place we wanted them to attain. But, by keeping the commands, and working them each week, they never lost their knowledge. Had we the desire to achieve higher levels of agility or obedience, with our dogs, it WOULD have been done.

With persistence, my 'in-laws' Boston Terrier, can get us to play ball with her. She is the living, breathing representation of persistence. Even if she has to wait till we're done with meals, doing chores, etc. she will come back to bringing us the ball and getting us to throw it for her. Several times a day! (I mention this as we are caring for her at the moment, and she just doesn't give up!)

My weekly calls with my MFF mentor, Tuula, is another example of persistence. She WILL NOT GIVE UP on me. Thanks for that, Tuula! Because, we have never met face to face, it seems to pack more of a punch for me. Her persistence is astounding! 

Thanks to the Dloughy's, Tuula Rands and the rest of the Mastermind Group in the T & G R community. I am learning and growing so much. Now, on to the homework Tuula gave me!



Vicki Willems