Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wesley McGuire Elbert, CO, United States

Posted: 2017-03-08

I found it very interesting that this chapter on persistence followed immediately after the discussion on procrastination.

To put it simply, procrastination is defeated by overcoming the fear of man and the fear of failure and just making a decision.  Persistence is demonstrated by repeatedly defeating procrastination.  Persistence is consistently making the decisions to take action!

Could it be that procrastination and persistence are the two sides of the same coin?  Might I suggest that at any given time we are either procrastinating or persisting?  Further, might I also suggest that at any given time we are either procrastinating, hence yielding to the habit of not making a decision, or persisting, hence forming the habit of making the decision?

Or perhaps a better picture is the Native Indian tale of the two dogs/wolves.  On one shoulder the wolf is crying out, "Procrastinate! You don't need to make the decision! And what will people think of you if you make the wrong decision, again?!".  On the other shoulder the other wolf is pleading, "Persist!  Make the decision! It's your life.  Make the decision and learn!!"

To fully affirm my suggestions one would have to understand what I mean by "decision".  A decision only takes place when we actually take action.  Until we actually take an action, are we not just still thinking about the action we need to take? 

Persistence is a predetermined result of the formed habit of consistently making decisions.  Better yet, consistently making the daily, often moment by moment, decisions that need to be made.  Do we not dramatically hinder persistence and promote procrastination when we are focused on that one big dramatic life changing decision we perceive needs to be made rather than making those many small seemingly insignificant decision that will ultimately shape our entire life?

Because of the way I was raised, my subconscious says, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff".  Well I am changing that limiting belief!  I think it is time to put sweat into persistence and consistently stomp on procrastination and habitually make even the smallest of decisions!  It's really how we handle the small stuff that equips us to handle the big stuff, is it not?  Some brilliant person has said a few times, "How we do anything is how we do everything", right? 

When going on a hike, particularly a hike up a steep mountain trail, we teach our children that "by the yard it's hard, but by the inch it's a cinch."  I believe many of us lack persistence because we are always focused on the yard, the big decision, rather than inch, persisting in one small decision at a time.

May we all have tremendous success beginning NOW in the formation of the habitual practice of making the decision and see procrastination way back in the rear view mirror!

I look forward to hearing all the brilliant contributions on this topic!  Thank you to all who contributed, seriously, thank you!  Thank you Michael and Bob for your inspiration and mentorship.  I promise to pay forward what I am learning in this mastermind group. 

Have a blessed day,