Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Gitte Staunfeldt Vojens, 6500, Denmark

Posted: 2017-03-08

Chapter 9 - Persistence

Persistence is a funny little thing. It is something which by the first look of it, can
seem to be the smallest thing ever, but is many times THE THING which make the
difference between success and failure.

Persistence is a foggy thing which for many lies way back of our consciousness,
and when we lightheaded new years eve shout out our dreams and goals, we
often don't think there will come a time where this little word will have EVERYTHING
to say.

Being aware that persistence is essential and that we always must be ready for
those overwhelming emotions that lead us to defeat, gives us the important tool
and strength to go that extra mile. The amount of pride and joy we experience we
feel, when we overcome the challenges towards reaching our goals is the spark
which keep the fire burning.

And challenges come in many shapes. Distractions such as that good movie in
the television, cleaning the house, knitting that scarf to auntie which we have tried
for the last three years because knitting isn't really our thing, they are all good examples,
pretty harmless, but distractions. But one of the greatest challenges many of us
will go through, is peoples opinion. That one can really shake our persistence and
leave us crushed even before we have set off.

So when fingers are pointed towards all of us with a plan, a hope, a dream, telling
us that we will not succeed because of 10.000 ridiculous things, which really also
are pretty irrelevant, THAT IS WHERE OUR WARRIOR MUST APPEAR, that is
when all the things we have learned from all of our lessons so far, must be the first
thing that comes to our mind. We can use our gained knowledge, friendship and mentorship
as a shield for our persistence. In that way we can help ourselves through the battlefield
of peoples opinions and other challenges.

So when we set off to the path we make for ourselves, we also must remember to
take our inner warrior with us.

I wish YOU ALL a good journey.

Gitte Staunfeldt