Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leigh Skead Proserpine, Queensland, Australia

Posted: 2017-03-08


I had believed for years that Persistence was one of my strengths and it was supported strongly by Desire and Will-power, and I have a Mastermind and a second in the making
And I had a Definite Goal… or sort of … not as clearly written as per Chapter 2 guidelines until recently.

With Persistence front of my mind, many lessons have confronted me in the last few days


Lesson 1

The A part of SMART goals for this month was challenging the calmness of my gut. Then a leader whose company I have the pleasure of only once per month, told me she had achieved that growth in just a few days. I realised, I was being persistent at the “I have to do everything thinking” instead of believing strongly - having FAITH doing what I know has to be done and letting the universe work out the how

Lesson 2 

Came from MFF and Anna Bassett’ s lesson on Dusan Djukich”s book Straight Line Leadership, Chapter 28 “Realistic Optimism versus Unrealistic Pessimism” with this extract from the book “ that Optimism and Pessimism are learned habits. They are not inherited. There is no gene for optimism. We create it as a deliberate habit” 

So am I a pessimist or an optimist? How do these relate to my Persistence? 

Is my persistence empowered by my optimism and therefore it is Straight Line Leadership   mmmm the evidence suggests I have been blending pessimism and persistence otherwise I would have already achieved my goals. How many days are just another day of doing, doing, doing?
How many days have I lost because I have not valued each one for its preciousness and uniqueness.

Lesson 3

During this MFF call a gentleman mentioned a quote he has on the wall in his office. When we are having our down days if we focus on what we can be GRATEFUL for then we are moved to optimism. 


Lesson 4

Then while I was assimilating all the above I cruised Facebook and found a short video

from MOVING ART by Louie Schwartzberg

This summarised my Persistence and Gratitude lesson. 

If I am persistent with Gratitude, if I live everyday as though it is my very first day and my very last day on this magnificent planet with all of its beauty, and wonder. 

if I appreciate and am Grateful for 

  • every leaf I look upon,
  • every bit of natural magic this planet offers
  • every pair of eyes I gaze into, 
  • every person I have the privilege of encountering, 
  • every person I have the privilege to speak with.

How much higher is my energy?

How much more attentive will I be with every person I encounter.

How much better will I be as a person?

How much more will I enjoy every moment 

How much more can I be of service to my fellow man and how much more will I relish giving this service?

How much more will I enjoy and value every day as a unique day, every moment as a unique moment.


I choose from this day forward to be Persistent in Gratitude


I am grateful to each of you mentioned above, Thank you.

And to Michael Dlouhy for thaving the forsight to create MFF & Think and Grow Rich Lessons so we have this platform that allows us to grow to being the Best possible "I am" that we can be.
And to Linda Dlouhy 'cos behind every clever man is a good woman, thank you for being Michael's rock so he can give his best to many people