Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ron West Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Posted: 2017-03-06

Chapter 9  - Persistence
The Sustained Effort Needed to induce Faith

The Eighth Step towards Riches

The one thing I have always been encouraged to have is Persistence
that makes me one very lucky guy, even though people do despair of me sometimes.

I learnt many years ago that one never succeeds in anything if one ‘gives up’
at the first hurdle.

I’ve been called a ‘pain-in-the A***’ on many occasion, but guest what I have managed to learn something new every time!

As Michael has often said, “Whatever other people think of you, is NONE of your business!”

Sadly too many of us tend to listen to others instead of pursuing our WHY, Dream, Burning Desire... or whatever it is that motivates us.

That is why it is so important to know our unique reason for being here!

In my experience, whatever we are here to accomplish, i.e. what the Infinite Intelligence has put us here to achieve, we are bound to Enjoy!

Why do something we are not meant to do? That just spells out unhappiness and dissatisfaction for life.

Persistence, when we have a purpose, is so simple to maintain and so enjoyable too, which leads us on to more burning desires and more accomplishments in life.
So that we build up the knowledge and experience to help others.

We naturally meet people who are ‘on the same wavelength’ as us and eventually form or in our case, join a mastermind group and continue to learn, thus increasing a ‘value’ to society thereby attracting people to us.

We are constantly ‘Looking for people who are looking for us’.
The more we persist in learning the ‘special knowledge’ we are meant to learn, the more others will seek us out, for the unique resource, we have to offer.

In all my 25 years in business, not once did I need to advertise my unique skill.
I had the persistence to continue learning more about my speciality, so that I had people coming to me from personal recommendations, alone.

If, I had sat on my laurels, after having reached my initial goal, I would not have lasted very long at all in business.

I was so fortunate to thoroughly enjoy every moment of everyday, simply because it was a challenge, and always wanted to ‘rise’ to that challenge, so Persistence was never doubted, as it went along with all the previous 7 steps, outlined in this incredible book.

It all begins with Edwin C Barnes’s initial ‘Thought’ because “Thoughts are Things”.

Napoleon Hill tells us right from the start:
“Whatever the Mind of Man can Conceive and Believe he CAN Achieve”

Barnes Had his DESIRE, it was a  ’Burning Desire’. He had absolute FAITH that he would succeed, because he used the power of ‘Auto Suggestion’ from a Positive statement which constantly influenced his ‘Sub Conscious Mind’.

In Barnes’s early days with Edison he studied and learnt the Specialised Knowledge required for him to succeed in attaining his Burning Desire, using his Imaginative prowess to build his Organised Plan, and reached the unwavering Decision in his mind.
This is what motivated him to ‘Never Give Up’ and therefore Persist above all else until he reached his ultimate Goal of partnering with Edison.

Once you know where you are going and know what you want, your own Persistence does not fail you, because it is there ingrained in you, once you have studied and learnt the rules.       

Thank you for this incredible group in Mentoring For Free, we will never stop learning how to be successful, and will always have such incredible value to pass on to others.

Southampton UK