Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Robertson Marietta, South Carolina, USA

Posted: 2017-03-06

I love to drive equipment- farm tractors and construction equipment.  Always have, since I was old enough to reach the peddles. Here’s the thing-eventually they break down.  Sometimes the smallest thing will transform that powerful tool into an inert pile of metal and rubber. Your choice is to attempt to diagnosis and repair or spend money and time to have someone else fix it.

Over the years necessity led to the ability to do many simple repairs. Through trial and error, masterminding with others more experienced and study you learn how to spot the problem and correct it.  It will usually be something like a starter, fuel pump, alternator…etc. It almost always happens at the most inopportune time.  You are either planting or harvesting and progress has come to a stop.  

Armed with knowledge and  experience gained over the years from similar trials you jump in and attack the problem. Once you have identified the culprit all that remains is to remove and repair or replace.  

Sometimes it’s a simple process to remove the part, but not always.  Many times I find that there will be one stubborn bolt, tucked in the back, might not even be able to see it. You might only be able to get one finger on it, if you are lucky -two.  What’s your choice?  You almost have it, it ’s loose, you’ve managed to start the stubborn bolt to turn.  You need the beast to run- time is not on your side!  You persist. You are covered with dirt, oil, grease and sweat and probably have skinned  knuckles but you can’t let that small bold win.  You keep putting your hand in and if you only get a quarter turn with each painful attempt you are making progress.

May sound silly, but it’s quite exhilarating when that bolt releases. 

I feel like there is one bolt standing in the way of my network marketing success.  

I will persist till I conquer that bolt!

Thanks to Michael Dlouhy and Linda Dlouhy for making this forum available.  Thanks to all who persist week after week to post and show up to share.

Michael R.