Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Agnes Ra Melbourne, Florida, United States

Posted: 2017-03-04

Congratulations to me!  I have now read the entire “Think and Grow Rich Book” from cover to cover.   I started with Chapter 8 as the was the lesson being studied the week I started but regardless I can now say that I read the entire book. 

The reason for reading the book and being mentored by Bob was to improve my business performance.  So did it work?  I would say that it is quite too soon to say that my business has made some noticeable improvements.  However I can definitely say that reading the book, studying it and posting lessons as well as being mentored by Bob has definitely changed ME.  It’s hard to explain but I can feel the change.  I have come to realized that I am now thinking differently.  Thinking about myself differently, thinking about my business differently and thinking about my current team and future teammates differently. 

This is book as not yet changed my life but it is definitely altering it for the better.  Thank you Bob, Lucy, Michael and Linda for this life changing mentoring.