Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2017-03-03

Chapter 9 Persistence


The Eighth Step toward Riches

As I was reading and listening to this chapter I suddenly realised that there are two major things lacking in what I do in my business daily, one is consistency and the other is persistence. I also read this quote of Emilia Earhart: 

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act – the rest is merely tenacity.”

Last week we wrote or thoughts on Chapter 8, Decision and compared the decisions made by an entrepreneur with those made by average people who allow their dreams to fade due to others opinions or their own lack of confidence in making a decision even if it is wrong. At least we acted and made a decision which is exactly what the first part of Emilia Earhart’s quote is stating whilst the second half I believe is bringing together the two words persistence and consistency. Both are important in our business.

Hill gives us many examples of persistence in this chapter, from the writer who came to Broadway to get recognition, she walked the Side Walks of Broadway for four years visiting publishers and news papers with articles with continual rejections. But she persisted until finally a publisher gave her a break she was seeking. When her hopes were dim, she did not say, “Alright Broadway, you win!” She said, “Very well, Broadway, you may whip some, but not me. I’m going to force you to give up.” Persistence. Her latest manuscript was for the then infant movie media and it is said that $100,000.00 was paid for the rights.

Kate Smith was another example of someone who broke into the hallowed realms of Broadway, singing at every opportunity for little or no reward until Broadway finally said “what the heck, name your price.

It is the same with our own businesses, we commence with a flourish of actions chasing the numbers through our family, friends and acquaintances until we come to the conclusion that this will never work and quit. Why we did not have the cold hard facts that MLM is a relationship business not a numbers game. Once we realise this and set about building relationships, through asking questions and establishing exactly what people want, we realise the business is about giving them what they want and in return the Universe will reward us with what we want.

We learn to talk to people about them not us, we establish a relationship, they may say no at this time but if the relationship is strong when the time is right the Universe will remind them that may be we have the solution to their problem. They seek us not us seeking them, we do not have to sell them the product or the opportunity; they come asking ask for the product or the opportunity. These are the people who will continually buy the product and assist in building your business. You were consistent in what you offered them in the way of information and persisted in giving them good follow up. We practice “pull through rather than push marketing”.

In our own daily development we must be consistent in saying our “self talk”, ensuring that the Universe is clear on what our passionate desires are, which we have clearly stated in writing in accordance with Chapter 2. The persistence now come into play since only by doing the consistence daily will we achieve the riches we so earnestly desire and the Universe will provide as the reward.

Thank you all for your support these many months and the many lessons learned.  Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for the Mentoring For Free System and the people it has helped and continues to help and give back in their participation and speaking up on the calls. I only hope in the coming years I will be able to give back even a small portion of the knowledge gained from this Master Mind Group.

Mervyn Drury

Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.