Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anton Koker Stoughton, MA, United States

Posted: 2017-03-02


   "I will write a lesson this week", I told my mentoring partner this week. "No excuses". I find I make these kind of mini decisions every day. I did actually run out of time, yesterday, but having made the decision I was not going to re-assess it, and find a way to excuse the failure. The task remained on my "Doing It" list, and so, here I am, doing it.
   I am not always so steadfast. I've repeated this pattern many times before. Having decided to accomplish something, it can simply remain on my list. Something more time-critical or important rose in priority and was performed first.
   I have a phrase on my whiteboard in my office that reads "Manage yesterday's decisions DAILY!" Having a strong motivation and focus helps me to avoid being blinded by short-sighted beliefs or emotions, but not always. Notice the phrase doesn't question the decision, but encourages taking action to follow through.
   I believe I have come along way in my decision-making. Focusing on fact, and not speculation has helped. Although emotion as part of my "why" is fuel for continuing the tasks, it often is a foe to my decisions.

with gratitude, and, in service
Tony Koker