Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tony Harnett Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2017-03-02

Decision (the mastery of procrastination)


Hill States "PROCRASTINATION, the opposite of DECISION, is a common enemy which practically every man must conquer"

"The majority of people who fail to accumulate money sufficient for their needs, are, generally, easily influenced by the “opinions” of others"

In his lesson on Organized Planning last week … Anthony Mitchell said “most people don’t really procrastinate they just don’t make things a priority”

Those that are easily influenced by the opinions of others find their priorities are in a state of constant flux and thus are doomed to poverty.

Those that make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly (if at all) are on the road to riches.

Then there are those who don’t make things a priority (they procrastinate) until the last minute … but most still manage to get the job done.

I’ll give you a personal example. I started the basis for this lesson I’m writing just after last week’s call … but fine-tuning it didn’t become a priority until the last minute (it’s currently 7:33pm on the night of this call) but I got the job done!

I wouldn’t recommend this method but as long as we get it done … it’s OK!

Be sure NOT to listen to the nay-sayers …

Hill States "You have a brain and mind of your own. USE IT, and reach your own decisions. If you need facts or information from other people, to enable you to reach decisions, as you probably will in many instances; acquire these facts or secure the information you need quietly, without disclosing your purpose. It is characteristic of people who have but a smattering or a veneer of knowledge to try to give the impression that they have much knowledge. Such people generally do TOO MUCH talking, and TOO LITTLE listening. Keep your eyes and ears wide open—and your mouth CLOSED, if you wish to acquire the habit of prompt DECISION. Those who talk too much do little else. If you talk more than you listen, you not only deprive yourself of many opportunities to accumulate useful knowledge, but you also disclose your PLANS and PURPOSES to people who will take great delight in defeating you, because they envy you"

"Take no one into your confidence, EXCEPT the members of your Master Mind group, and be very sure in your selection of this group, that you choose ONLY those who will be in COMPLETE SYMPATHY AND HARMONY WITH YOUR PURPOSE"

If you’re here reading this … you’ve made a wise decision in choosing your Master Mind Group … Congratulations!


With Appreciation, Tony Harnett