Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2017-03-01

Robert Tucker, Bay Point, California, United States


There is a word which have left many people in a sink hole, the word

PROCRASTINATION  is the problem so many people are cought up in

and because of this word many people have missed their opportunity

for success. The story tells us that procrastination, is the opposite of

decision, it's a common enemy which has cost so many to fail and not

reach their dreams and st goals.When you set up a plan and make a

definite decision you can have what you say,and plan for.


Many people are influenced by the opinions of others,they allow people

 newspapers and people who talk allthe time about others guide them and

they never arrive to their dreams nor reached the goals they have set for 

themselves. When you let others influence you, you have not followed

the opinions of your own but rather let others tell you how to get to where

you want to go and that is not good for your success,you must set your

own goals and dreams for your own success.The story says,and also

in the good book it says to;"Keep Your Own Counsel" when you began

to put into practice the principles for your success. There are some who 

are close friends and relatives who care about you yet they can handicap

you from getting what you want by their opinions and even ridicue.

Today many men and women carry inferiority complexes by what others

say or thank about them and their success.


In searching your success secret don't get cought up in maybe by a 

miracle might just happen and you may think that you have a special

talent and it might not arrive the way you thought, keep it right where

the rubber meets the road, the story says that all you will find is the 

eternal laws of nature which works for those who use faith and courage

to apply them. When you reach decisions promptly and definitely, just

know what you want and you shall receive them. It's a wonderful thing

to break old habits because they will always hinder you from reaching

you opportunities in life remember this that by having; "Definitness of 

deision" always will work for anyone who have courage to go foward

and never sway fron the goals and plan set.

Robert Tucker, Bay Point California, United States