Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Martin Staunfeldt Vojens, Denmark, Denmark

Posted: 2017-03-01

If a man or a woman can not make a decision or
f they change their decisions often. They are
rewarded with a life of chaos and unfinished

I have found out. When I make decisions. I get
richer, my life improves and I feel good. When I
am indecisive. I loose money, my life deteriorate
and I feel bad.
Have a Decision Maker mindset.

Every person on this planet or out of this planet,
who is still breathing. Is constantly bombarded
with decisions. Both big and small. A decision is
followed with another decision. Decisions do
not care if you make them or ignore them.
Because both choices is a Decision. So we can
just as well take control and decide for our
selves. Instead of letting "fate", "chance" or
other people making them for us. Live or Die!

I have found a mastermind to be a very good
way to reach a decision quickly. I only have to
ask myself. What would Michael Dlouhy do.
Then a small version of Michael Dlouhy will pop
up in my brain and tell me his thoughts.
Because of hours of training and spending time
with Michael Dlouhy. My brain automatically
picks up on Michaels thoughts and I know what
he would give me as an advice.
Sometimes it takes courage to make a decision.
Because I know if I make a decision I have to
follow through. And the actions I have to do
might be well out of my comfort zone.

But what is the alternative ?

Live or Die!

Love Martin Staunfeldt from Denmark

ps. Decide or Don't