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Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2017-03-01


The Seventh Step toward Riches

Monday, I posted this on Facebook. "Most people spend their entire lives
working, earning money for someone else."  Heidi posted, "It's terrible also!
They work you to the ground and don't reward you with much, it's hard getting

I asked Heidi where she lived. She said Cleveland, Oh. I said, that is Labron
James country, isn't it? She said, "Yes, he grew up here." I went on to say I
saw the last few minutes of the game last summer. He was amazing. The whole city
shut down during that game.

So may I digress a bit?

Napoleon Hill again made mention of Chapter 2, DESIRE in Think and Grow Rich.
This chapter relates the BURNING DESIRE each of us MUST develop. Barnes had no
money, his clothing was dirty. He needed a shave. His hair was probably matted.
He probably even had body odor. He was homeless, looking like a tramp. He came
to where Edison was by hopping a train. He presented himself to Edison looking
like this and said, "I have come to go into business with Edison". Edison, being
a good judge of people, saw something in Barnes eyes that he recognized, a
BURNING DESIRE. Edison hired Barnes because of what he felt, not what he saw.

When Mr. Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots drafted Tom Brady, Tom told
him, "I'm Best Decision This Organization Has Ever Made."

Brady proved that by winning a 6th Super Bowl, more than any other quarterback.
Brady's mindset was he knew they were going to win the game, from the start.
There was absolutely no other option. When in the huddle for the coin toss to
see who got the ball in overtime, Brandy's mindset was the same as Michael's
when he won a contest for a car.

What did these three examples; James, Barnes and Brady have in common? They each
had what we must have, a BURNING DESIRE. A mindset, that no matter what happens,
we will be successful. There is no other option.

The conversation Monday night with Heidi about Labron James and what he did in
the closing minutes of that game last summer caused me to have a Sixth Sense or
a hunch or inspiration about these three people.

How many of us are procrastinating? I would say I am. I see people who come to
calls, post lessons, speak up for months and never get the Pro System and use it
to learn these 13 steps. I see people get the Pro System who do not want to post
lessons here in Think and Grow Rick. They have it for 2 or 3 months and quit,
saying this does not work. Most people are very good at procrastination. We have
lots of practice. We've done it most of our lives.

Thanks for allowing me to share this.

Bob Shoaf Alamogordo, NM