Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2017-03-01



Doesn’t that title just say it all?


Decision is when people of a country decide they will NOT be oppressed by soldiers in their midst any longer and are willing to fight and die rather than submit to it.


Decision is when a worker will no longer take being treated like a number, no longer put up with being owned by an employer who thinks they have a right to every waking hour of an employee’s life, robbing him or her of precious time with family or doing the things they want to do while building the employer’s dream instead of their own. Working for just enough to pay the bills when they could have unlimited income.


Decision is finally deciding to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to make it happen instead of finding some little level of a comfort zone and settling for what one gets. Getting out of that comfort zone and making it happen so that they don’t die with the music still in them


Does decision involve risk? YES Does decision involve pain. SOMETIMES. Is making a decision worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!


I made a decision last summer that I would NEVER do network marketing again unless I could find a better and more professional way and I found it in this program. Once I found it I made the decision that I would stay with it until I find the success I’m looking for. 


It has been such a hectic week that I told myself last night that I could skip a lesson just once…this morning I said no way and here I am writing it at 4:30 before work which shows me you can do anything if you only want it bad enough.


The only thing at this point that is keeping me from where I want to be is MASSIVE ACTION so it’s time to make that decision. 


Thanks to Michael and Linda for always being there and for all my fellow travelers on this journey.


Rick Burnett