Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2017-03-01

We often hear people say, “Yes, I want to do network marketing!  Yes, I want to learn everything you can teach me!”


Then after they start getting on a few calls and learning a few skills, they begin to drift.  Their kids have ballgames they need to attend, or they are going on vacation for a few weeks, or any number of good things.  And they allow those good things to distract them from showing up and learning the skills for success.


Their initial enthusiasm begins to fade.  And you don't know if they're in or if they're out.


Life happens for all of us and there are certainly times when we have to deal with serious stuff; but there are many times when the Decision to do network marketing becomes a lower priority.


As soon as we make the Decision to change our lives, we can expect to be tested.  A myriad of other "good" activities will start to call our name.  We will most assuredly be faced with Competing Commitments each day.


And with each one, we must make a Decision.


Most of us would agree that we want to enroll a Rock Star Distributor - Someone who is Self-Motivated, Committed, akes daily Action, and is Coachable. You long for the day when you see text messages from your Rock Star distributor saying, “Hey, I just enrolled ANOTHER new distributor!”


Since we tend to attract people like us, the question we must ask is this:


“Am I the kind of person that I would want to enroll?  Am I Self-Motivated and Committed? Am I taking daily Action? Am I Coachable? Do I maintain my monthly Autoship? Do I stay Connected?


When we make the Decision to BE that person, the people with those qualities will seek us out.


Margi "Shining" Starr