Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2017-02-28

Decision mastery of procrastination. The title alone is a big one for me. Yesterday on my companys conference call they really emphasized a sense of urgency at 10 PM. A lot could be accomplished in 48 hours. Like getting a customer and sponsoring someone new into your business. That hit me again, the company marketing director mentioned 2 weeks ago at the company convention that posting is NOT the same as asking. That got to me. And another thing that hit me was that you get paid the same amount for gathering a new customer as sponsoring a new distributor. If you talk to 100 people you are supposed to get 10 customers and one distributor. Why walk away from 10 customers by talking to distributors only? Makes no sense.

Now it came time for action. I went back into my old Facebook messages and I looked for what brought in RESULTS for getting customers. I picked that to use for messaging them and I personalized it like Ken mentioned so that I could get a dialogue going. As it says in Success In Ten Steps "if you and I don't connect on a personal level than nothing else matters. I messaged 30 people on Sunday night and I got back 6 responses the next day. Gave my website out and product info sheet when appropriate.

This is one part of my action step that I am taking to get promoted!

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Another thing that resonates with me is two of the top money earners in my companys convention admitted making mistakes when building their business. They chased rabbits by doing Instagram which was NOT an activity that got them to Black Diamond. Guess what their team did? They did Instagram and growth slowed down. When that happened the top money earners got back to the activities which got them to be top money earners in the first place. And their check increased again, BOOM!