Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2017-02-27

Chapter 8 Decision


The Seventh Step toward Riches

Hill tells us that procrastination is the opposite of decision; I believe this to be true. Much of my life I would have a dream, idea or wish to meet a certain person but I would think all the negative thoughts about the dream, etc. and miss out on achieving the dream, the idea or meeting that special person. I believe now that I missed out on many things which could have changed my life had I not procrastinated instead of taking action.

These days I do not listen to opinions, if I have an idea then I look for what plans and actions are necessary to bring it into fruition, bearing in mind Hills statement, “whatever a man can dream he can accomplish”.  I remember a time when I was going through a particularly bad time having recently been divorced; I had just moved into a new house and need some things for the house I had purchased. I was at a department store and an assistant was very helpful and we chatted. I was on the verge of asking her if she would like to have dinner with me when another customer arrived.

All the way home I was looking at the pros and cons of asking her out, not knowing her situation and it was a further hour before I decided to take action and telephoned the store and asked for her. The facts, she could either say “no” or “yes”, if she said no then I had lost nothing; if she said yes then I had gained.

Basically there are those decisions which are positive which forge our life forward and those of the negative which either retain the status quo or move our life backwards depending on how we react to the “no”. Many of the negative decisions are the result of our listening to the opinion of others and our own negative thoughts and arguments.

When positive decisions are made, then all our thoughts are based on facts, that cannot be disputed nor can anyone’s opinions change us from our original idea of “what a man can imagine he can create”. We use our “Self Talk” to reinforce this to the Universe and it will deliver.

Mervyn Drury

Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.