Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2017-02-27

every day we make decisions on how we dress, what we will have for breakfast, whether we will do our teeth, whether we will go to the gym or do our exercises, run our business, say I love You to our spouse, we make these decisions daily.

we also need to choose daily and affirm daily where we are going in life and what we are going to do with our lives, that is our own choice, we can follow the decision which may be made for us by the government or simular. As Jim Rohn once said what will that do “not much”, it won’t get us any closer to our goal or dream in anyway.

recently here in Australia the government decided to take away the penalty rates (Sunday and public holiday pay) for the retail and fast food sectors. there are a number of responses that You can make after this decision which is forced upon us, they are.

·         choose to follow the heard – going poor me saying I am going to lose this much because of the decision which they have made, sign the petition to ask the government to reinstate the public holiday rates. what good will that do?, been there done that personally. it hurts and the best way is leaving the herd alone.

·         ask yourself Ok so how am I going to make up the difference, do I get a second job, do I start a business of my own, change jobs or some other area, can I earn more by doing a new role at my current employer.

·         go look at those prospects who are going to be looking for an opportunity to make up what they just lost I am going to help them and find those who want to work from home, help them to fix their situation so that the impact is less. the view of an entrepreneur.

for a second when saw the email that came across with the announcement, I did look at the petition that was asked to sign and went “No look at all those prospects that are now looking for an opportunity” it’s a chance to help those who need the help. there are so many out there right now who are looking for the help to make up from another’s choice. they are content to speak up when they feel unjust and rarely make a decision for themselves, they are content to just let life happen to them.

We all have the choice to make daily about letting another persons decision impact us or change our life by making a choice to do something we want to do. Personally I am making the decision to change My own life and own My life by choosing the person that want to become and demonstrate to our son.

just like one decision that made many years ago when was away with friends and had the opportunity to ride a trail bike for the first time. I was having fun riding through a paddock on the bike until it got too close to the fenceline without knowing how to stop, I had yet to be told how to stop the bike. A decision had to be made quick, going through the fence or hitting the post. I choose the fence and ended up with roughly 40 stitches up my arms from the cuts in the barbwire fence, a battle scar from a fun experience. at times we have to make those choices quickly and go from there. That is what we need to do in our busisness make the choice as quick as we can and stand by that choice.

for many years the decisions that made were expressed to many naysayers and poof the decision was gone as quick as that choice. I am choosing to decided and to let those who support those dreams that have to know what they are personally.

Thank You to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your ongoing love, support, encouragement and helping me to find the path to own success. Thank You to my own mentor Ken Klemm for Your own guidance love and support, to my amazing wife thanks for being that person who supports what do Jenny.

You friend for life,

Big hugs,

Ben drake

West ryde nsw Australia