Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Pj Lucas Kalona, Iowa, USA

Posted: 2017-02-23


What stands out to me in this chapter is definiteness of decision,with prime importance on focus and purpose. Indecision impairs and handicaps a person into nothingness, while decision-making coupled with a strong,

trustworthy mastermind empowers/propels the same person into life.

Henry Ford was seen as stubborn in his absolute care in decision making was eye opening to me. He was so carfeul. How many of us, how many times have I, have we talked the talked, and not walked the walk? We talk about what we want to do and then a few negative comments or looks crush us to the point of us quiting, frustrated and hampered by self- doubt. Mr. Ford no doubt had those same experiences, but, he had enough self confidences to keep going, trusting himself and the information he was gathering to make an accurate plan. Instead of us being disappointed and crushed, we need to add the negative to a little pile on the drawing board and consider the source if it is qualifieable and put a nice big X on it if it is not. 

1. "Modesty and silence in our plans."

2. "Keep a closed mouth and a open mind."

But,  we must make a decision, which is a thought, then that though will turn into action, living and breathing .  Indecision is inaction and inaction is no life at all. When I make a decision with a goal and plan behind it, it gives me  a postive energy and a feeling of self worth. I love that about my network marketing education and how it is helping me grow as a person in all areas of my life, marriage and family, and I thought it was just for business! ~ Blessings,Pj Lucas