Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2017-02-23


Chapter 8

“Those who reach DECISIONS promptly and definitely, know what they want, and generally get it.”

Wow!  Then why is it so difficult for many people to make decisions? 

Excuses come from our educational system, family dynamics and the hardships in one’s life.

Even the personalities with which people are born affect their ability to make decisions.  We expect the RED to be a great decision maker whether or not the decision is popular. For the other three…there are certain limitations.  BLUE’S decision is easily and quickly made, IF it is fun. YELLOWS can decide fast ONLY if people will like him/her after the decision is made.  Lastly, GREENS are slower to decide as they have to get enough information and then ponder it from every angle.

Since the POWER of each of us to become self-determining in our lives REQUIRES the principle and skill of Decision making PLUS the principles of Desire, Faith, Persistence, The Master Mind and Organized Planning, it is clear that these limitations must be addressed.    

By looking at one’s own life situations and particular personality type. it is possible to consider which principle may need to be strengthened.  The power of the Master Mind may serve to make this determination more easily and clearly.  The result of clarification of that which needs strengthening can build the courage and confidence to make decisions promptly and definitely….and then one may KNOW and FINALLY GET what is wanted.

Kay Young

Superior, Colorado