Think & Grow Rich Lessons
dale soderquist edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Posted: 2017-02-23

Great lesson, The part that stands out to me the most is were most people don't know exactly what they want in life so they end up jumping from one job/career to another on a regular basis often during there whole life.

Personally i find a big reason why people are behaving in this manner simply don't know themselves very well or at all. For those that really do know themselves, tend to have greater success in life and have a more stable way of life.

I also find that the only way to understand who we really are is to look to our father in heaven(Yahuah) and he will guide us and teach us everything we need to know.

Ever since i chose to honor my fathers way of life, my life has began to prosper with many of his blessings on a regular basis.