Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2017-01-22



The Second Step toward Riches

When we say our self-talk, with the proper emotion, faith is required to
convince our sub-conscious mind we are serious. Once convinced our subconscious
mind will pass our BURNING DESIRES along to infinite intelligence.

Hill says,


Hill says, this is the only known way to develop the emotion of faith. One must
have faith in one's self and the infinite or Universe.

Faith is:

   1. the essential principle which gives life to our thoughts.
   2. the starting place. the basis of all "miracles".
   3. the only known antidote for FAILURE!
   4. the element which, when mixed with prayer, allows direct communication with
      infinite intelligence.
   5. the element which transforms thought into its spiritual equivalent.
   6. the only way which the forces of infinite intelligence can be used my man.

Lack of confidence is our greatest weakness. Our self-talk can overcome our lack
of confidence. Self-talk can create a positive mindset that doesn't have room
for negative thoughts. Hill gives us five things we should add to the 4" x 6"
cards and repeat daily.

The properly CRAFTED self-talk can lead us to peace and prosperity. A self-talk
filled with FEAR, doubt and unbelief can lead us to misery, failure and death.

Those two previous statements are as true as the statement that two and two are

There are many 100,000s of successful people who have proven Hill correct by
applying his principles. There have also been huge numbers of people who have
chosen to prove Hill correct by choosing to prove negative self-talk works just
as well as positive self-talk. Fortunately, those of us who post lessons weekly
have chosen the positive method.

I am grateful to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for their persistence in developing
Mentoring For Free in the vain of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich book; a
book that Hill's 13 principles cannot be disputed. They work, if we work them.
Thank you, thank you and thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy.

I am grateful for those who have elected to join our training calls, forming a
master mind group as Hill recommends. They are working on building their
confidence by getting trained so they too will become more efficient at
satisfying their BURNING DESIRES. Thank you, thank you and thank each one of

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM

PS: I am very grateful to those who have elected to join a minority of people
who are eager to put into action NOW, activities that will make their BURNING
DESIRES a reality. I will continue to give them more support than they get from
their company. I will share knowledge I have gained here in Mentoring For Free
that will help them advance in their company. Again I am very grateful to this
group of people. Thank you, thank you and thank each one of you.