Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2017-01-17

Under the cover of the night sky, the little sea turtles begin the dangerous journey to the water’s edge.  A few days ago they were tucked away inside a nest on a warm, sandy beach.  Following nature’ gentle command, one-by-one they broke through their shells. Now a strong DESIRE to get to the ocean waters fuels the coordinated effort of these young hatchlings to begin their do-or-die adventure.


Once out of the nest, the little sea turtles face all kinds of dangers.  Crabs, birds, raccoons, dogs and even humans are great threats.  Because their DESIRE is so strong, they keep crawling over sand and seaweed. 


Hurry!  Hurry!  


Their struggle is so visible, that often a well-meaning vacationer will reach down to provide some assistance.  “That one looks like it needs some help.”  The little turtle is scooped up and taken right to the water and gently placed into the surf.  “There you go, little one.”


Soon the little sea turtle will be washing up on the sandy beach.  Dead.  Without the struggle of the journey, it did not have the strength to survive the ocean waves.


When we have a strong DESIRE to succeed in network marketing, it is as though we are traversing those dangerous sands to get to our goal. 


DESIRE fuels us to keep moving forward. 


DESIRE makes the impossible possible. 


DESIRE requires clear purpose, engaged minds, and strength of character. It requires a strong shell and legs that keep moving.


When someone joins our business, we mentor them in whatever way they need to be successful.  We listen, we point them to training resources, and we build relationship with them.


But we can’t do it for them. We come alongside them, but if we do it all for them, we are raising up weak and fragile team members, who will not have the strength to survive long term.


I often hear the question, “How can I motivate my team?” 


No one could motivate the little sea turtles to risk their lives and crawl to the ocean. The sea turtles have that DESIRE hard-wired within them and they have no choice but to head to the surf.   Without DESIRE they perish.


Without a strong DESIRE the lukewarm network marketer will eventually fall by the wayside. 


But those who are strengthened through the struggle and refuse to quit, no matter what, will reach their destination.


Margi "Shining" Starr