Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2017-01-17

Step 2 – Desire.

When asked, many beauty pageant contestants will state their greatest desire to be World Peace.

Now that’s a desire to be proud of but sadly on their own that’s just two empty words unless they can add “and this is how I am going to achieve it”.

Now you have both a DESIRE and a PLAN, because as Mr. Hill so eloquently points out by detailing the six definite steps needed to turn desire into reality, without each of those steps to back it up, desire on its own is just a word.

Looking back, I now realise my, long deceased, Dad was a classic example of desire without a plan. Always a hard worker, right from demobilisation from the Royal Navy in early 1949 he had wanted to have his own business. Over the years, he gained a reputation as being an excellent scaffold rigger, again incredibly hard work especially through the winter months where no scaffold erected meant no pay, yet he loved the work and openly admired former trainees who later became successful business owners in the same field.

Sadly, even when offered all the funds needed to set himself up in the business he knew and loved, he declined the offer, I now believe despite all that accumulated expertise and desire, he refused because he had never developed the plan for what to do once he was able to achieve his desire nor was he able imagine himself as the successful business owner his desire wanted him to be.

The difference between my Dad and whoever reads this? Thanks to this chapter you know desire needs support to become reality and thanks to MFF and it’s incredible coaches you also have the support to help with each step along the road to whatever your desires are.

John Smith – Gloucester. UK