Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ron West Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Posted: 2017-01-16

Chapter 2
The Starting Point of All Achievement
The First Step toward Riches.

I so appreciate this book!

The title here says so much to me now, in fact it explains the purpose of the whole chapter so eloquently.

In order to succeed and feel comfortable about what we can do, in this life we must be able to understand the reason why we are here.

When we understand and know, from the bottom of our hearts what that reason is, only then will we have the ‘Burning Desire’ that Napoleon Hill describes within this chapter.

So many of our fellow human beings, just ‘drift’ from day to day, hoping and wishing their life away! Simply because they have never sought the true reason, the good Lord put them on this earth, to achieve!

So often we are guided away from realising the true ‘cause’ of why things happen, and so easily placated with a ‘cure all’ remedy, that just suppresses the truth.  As we know very often, this produces more challenges, than we bargained for, when we are looking for that ‘comfort zone’ solution, rather than facing the truth and fixing the challenges we face every day, at their source.

We can never be successful, looking for the ‘easy way’ out!
To succeed we must make mistakes, learn from them and grow into the person we are meant to be.

We mustBurn ALL the Bridges' behind us, to make certain that we do succeed, or die!

By creating our unique ‘Burning Desire’ , we have that very reason to be successful, to be absolutely focused on where we are going, letting nothing stand in our way, no matter how strong the distraction may be!

The road is not straight to our definite goal, it never will be, but with that true Definite Decision in our minds we will realise the dream we were meant to achieve.

Hill gives us many examples here, Edwin C Barnes, whose Definite Desire was so strong he ‘Burnt all his Bridges’, behind him so that he could not fail to achieve the obsession of his life!

Henry Ford, who had a Burning Desire to build the V8 engine, no matter what obstacle was put in his way!
He knew, without a doubt in his mind that it could be achieved!

In this chapter Hill also gives us the six practical steps we need to take, in order to realize our Desire for riches.

I personally used this to create my own daily ‘Self Talk’, when I read this chapter the first time, back in September last year.
I have found it extremely helpful in keeping me focused on the path I need to follow, to realize my own ‘Burning Desire’.

Thank you to Michael and all the team at MFF for the wisdom you share with us on a regular basis.


Southampton UK

p.s. My self confidence, pleasure and happiness, grows each day, when I share my new found knowledge from this group, with others. Thank you.