Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mary McLean Carrigallen, Leitrim, Ireland

Posted: 2017-01-15

Chapter 2 Desire – The Starting Point of all Achievement

Napoleon Hill tells us in this chapter that never in the history of America was there so great an opportunity for dreamers. And remember Think and Grow Rich was written 100 years ago. It was still difficult for someone from a poor background to break through social barriers.

But now in the 21st century we have a worldwide opportunity that is far greater than Hill could ever have imagined.

Network marketing gives every man and woman who is willing to work for it, the opportunity to create a life beyond most people’s limited imaginations.

And with modern technology, and in particular the internet and social media, there is no reason why each one of us cannot build a successful global business from the comfort of our own homes.

Network marketing is a level playing field. It doesn’t matter if you have a college education or not. It’s not important what your education, your background, your race or colour or religion is. It doesn't matter if you have no relevant experience.

If you dream big enough, are with a legitimate five pillar MLM company and you are willing to work consistently towards your goals, YOU CAN DO IT!

It is still the beginning of a New Year. There is still time to write out our dreams and goals for 2017 and to work persistently and consistently towards them.

Or will we be here in January 2018, regretting the fact that we didn’t work hard enough towards our goals and we’re still struggling and no closer to our dreams, whatever they may be?

Perish the thought. It’s time to take action and make this the year we take a giant leap towards our goals.


Mary McLean, Ireland