Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Gitte Staunfeldt Vojens, 6500, Denmark

Posted: 2017-01-14

Chapter 2 - Desire

Reading this chapter about desire made me reflect about how important this is for having success. We can all want something, but if it must reach a higher level, desire must be the keyword before action. I love the inspiration that comes to me after reading a chapter in this great book. I love the stories and I love the thought about, that those simple words, like for instance desire, still is a word full of meaning and importance today. 

This chapter inspired me to every morning and every evening, speak my desire out loud. Which actually is a great way for me to also learn to have focus on my goal. I want SO many things, and once in a while I am overwhelmed taking care of business, job, house, a husband, 4 kids, 2 puppies and 2 cats, and allow it to do that. My goal and focus gets easily away in the daily tasks. I LOVE all of it, but have to learn to trust MY desire and take action from it. 

But I am sad to say a slow learner. I am easy to push away from the goal, even though I think my desire is strong. Because of that, I am THANKFUL to any inspiration I can get my hand on, so I step by step become a better person to focus and keep my desires burning.

Sincerely Greetings 
Gitte Staunfeldt