Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Martin Staunfeldt Vojens, Denmark, Denmark

Posted: 2017-01-14

Lesson to Chapter 2 Desire

White Hot Definite Burning Desire


Don't listen to others opinions. That is just their limiting thoughts.

What ever I think, I am right. So there is no right or wrong. There are only thoughts and dreams, that will bend nature in any way that fits those thoughts and dreams.

Think and nature will find a way.

Nature has lots of proof, of things that works, but should not work "theoretically".

If it works, use it, don't change it.

A written plan open doors.


Success shows it selves, when I least expect it.

Finding out something don't work is also a success. It brings me closer to that what will work.

Are my handicaps steppingstones or alibies ?

My thoughts is my life.

Make attention!, in my thoughts!, of the successes in my past. Make no room for the destructive thoughts in my past.

Do take on adventures.

Even people close to me, who has no belief, will try to obstruct my beliefs.

Take advantage of my lacks.

I have people in my life, who needs to belief in me, before they can belief in them selves. A great responsibility.

Don't reason with desire.

Don't listen to realistic talks and thoughts.

Liabilities is assets of great value.

Want to impact lives. Learn to tell stories.




Listen and take to heart, even the smallest successes.

Every day, think/work on my desire. Make progress. Just a little is okay. The big progresses will come too.

My only limitations are those I set up in my own mind.

Protect my desire. Never quit. My desire is a child of my imagination. Would I ever quit my children. NO!

Being open minded will show me the way.

I will get paid anything I demand of life.

Whatever I belief it is my reality.

Rich or poor takes the same effort.

"Friends" who do not believe in me, will kill my dreams and hold me back from my true greatness.

My experiences have given me insights that is worth more than any amount of money.

No handicap is to big. But any excuse will do.

My experiences has brought me here. And I am proud of where I am.

Now is the time to put Dreams to Action.

"friends" are not friends if they do not believe in you.

Dream, Think, Plan, Take Action, Do it everyday... I can stop when I die.

Be All In. A consuming Obsession of my life.


Martin Staunfeldt