Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Robert King Croton on Hudson, New York, United States

Posted: 2016-12-28

I believe what is called the sixth sense if the sum total of all of a person's morals values and experiences and the upbringing that they had in life interacting and prodding them to a certain action.  It can also condem or stop them from pursuing a certain course.  Yes, to some extent it involves your conscience.  The sixth sense can be prohibitive, active, and reactive.  Having said that, what did I get from this chapter, "The Sixth Sense".

I got that our mind is always at work and when we are not relatively busy,  and at rest, maybe before bed or at other times too, our minds can sought out matters, explore possibilities and come up with suggestions for a solution.  We should use these moments wisely, not just dismiss them.  I believe that this is the time and way in which many inventions are thought out and improved.  It is evident here that we should also see the value and benefit in other people of varying beliefs and persuasions, like the cabinet that Mr. Hill had.  Each had something different, in some respects, to bring to the table.

Robert King.