Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-12-28

The Thirteenth Step toward Riches: The Sixth Sense

You have at your command the power of imagination in two forms.

One is synthetic, which consists of some combo of known idea's, concepts, plan's or fact's, arranged in a new way. 

Then we have creative imagination. It operates through the sixth sense and serves us as the medium by which new facts or ideas are revealed. It is also the medium for inspiration.

Imagination is used by Thomas Edison in synthetic form to invent the incandescent electric lamp by bringing together in a new way two well known principles.

Dr. Elmer Gates gave us a good example of creative imagination by shutting himself in a soundproof room and turning off all lights, He managed to eliminate all distractions so he could concentrate on attaining information he desired. When the information came through by the way of his sixth sense, he switched on the lights and immediately wrote it down. Strangely, sometimes ideas were revealed for which he had not been searching.

Our five physical senses give us contact with the physical world and make available its nature and usages, But your sixth sense, which operates through the subconscious section of your mind , give You contact with the invisible forces of the universe! It makes available to You knowledge You could not otherwise acquire. And just like our five physical senses become more dependable through use, The sixth sense of creative imagination becomes more through regular as well.

Chapter two asks You to write out a clear, concise description of the steps and  objective you desire to attain and repeat it several times a day in the form of a prayer. This is very effective for use of the sixth sense as well, especially if you practice in a strong and definitive way and see yourself, by imagination, as already having your objective or outcome.

Whatever the mind can concieve and believe and picture, the mind Can achieve.